True sleep happiness on Mother Earth   

Once upon a time there was a happy sleep magician who sprinkled the whole country with her sleep magic at night. When one day her sleep magic went out, she went in search of a fairytale bed. She traveled from country to country, learning from professionals, experts and asking humankind: "What would be important to you? What do you attach special importance to?" 


Ayoung girl replied: "A bed should be cuddly and comfortable!“

Full of conviction, her older brother said, "The bed should not be too hard and not too soft.“

Then a friend shouted: "The bed should be clean." Then the sleep wizard hooked and asked why? He replied: "Because I am allergic, I attach great importance to hygiene.“

,,I understand!", Replied the happy Schlafzauberin and moved on.

„In the morning I feel tired rather than rested," murmured a gentleman.

„I have a great bed at home, but the foam is already gone after a few years," said a family man.

His wife added, "My neck and back hurt especially when I wake up.“

„I'm having trouble falling asleep," an elderly woman complained.

„Is there anything else that you value?" The sleeping wizard asked politely.

She listened attentively to all sleep needs and recorded them in the magic book. The sleep wizard realized that each one defined the true happiness of sleep differently.

It had to be the perfect bed as soon as possible. She thanked everyone and made her way home with her notes to her sleep lab and got a clear idea of how anyone could experience true sleep happiness and what was especially important:

The keylto true happiness lay in a comfortable, supportive, durable and breathable bed.

So it happened that the happy sleep wizard "conjured" a very special bed that no one could resist.

After completing her creation of the OM Comfort bed, the sleeping wizard realized a single drawback:

You do not want to get up in the morning, because it is so Ooommmmm Comfor!


OM Comfort
Handmade for you with love.

Cuddly cover

The OM Comfort sdsadasdsadasdOM Comfort covers are manufactured in a reliable high quality of Tencel (lyocell), polyester and silver yarn. Our expertise in exclusive manufacturing includes not only the manufacture of bed collections, but also complex and versatile custom and custom-made processes. The covers are easy to remove and wash.

Unique oscillation wellness massage system

The integrated oscillation wellness massage in our OM Comfort massage mattress is our unique selling point. In the mattress 10 massage modules are incorporated, which oscillate the entire body according to set program. Using certain basic standards, the specified low-voltage guidelines and EMC regulations are complied with. Compliance with these standards is confirmed by the "CE" mark. Furthermore, our massage mattresses are subject to regular inspections according to DIN EN 60335-1 - safety of electrical appliances.

Specially made remote control

The massage system can be easily operated via a specially made remote control with pre-installed programs. When buying a massage mattress, a detailed user manual is enclosed. Here you can see which of the oscillation programs are suitable for you.

Divisible zipper

The divisible zipper is produced by a leading manufacturer in Europe. Our mattress cover is equipped with two divisible zippers, which holds the top and bottom with the border. Our pillows are each made with a zipper.

Gold-colored slides

Each gold-colored slider was hand-punched with the utmost care by the goldsmith and then galvanized. With the gold-colored slider you can easily open the zipper and close it again.

Reversible handles made of soft leather

The turning handles, made of high-quality genuine leather, are produced in southern Germany with international standards. The mattress and massage mattress can be easily lifted and carried with the reversible handles.

Profound design

The flower of life
The pattern of the flower of life we have chosen for our OM Comfort Design, because it stands as a symbol of sacred geometry, the infinity and the pattern of all life. Throughout the world, sites have been known that, for centuries in diverse cultures, illustrate the representation of the "flower of life" for the flow of divine energy in its purest and most original form. Thus, we believe that the symbol is a sleep enrichment for all people.

MDI foam with lamella technology

In our manufakturm mattresses only MDI cold foam is used whose basic element is water. The MDI foam is foamed and made up in Germany. Incidentally, the use of this natural raw material ensures a good environmental conscience because it contains no CFCs or other environmentally harmful or ozone-depleting substances. The lamella technology allows better blood circulation and relief of the spine and intervertebral discs.

Double protection by inner lining

The inner cover woven from polyester and silver yarn is responsible for the hygiene protection and the long life of the foam. 

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